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Anne-Marie Johnson


I was born and raised in Silver Lake. In my many decades as a Silver Laker, I’ve seen many changes. When my family first moved to Silver Lake in the late 40’s, a petition was circulated to force my family out based on our race. The petition would have succeeded had it not been for the support of the Fine family, who refused to sign the petition. Not daunted by the not-so-welcoming welcome, my family remained and flourished in the Silver Lake community.  For the past 35 years, I’ve been fortunate to have a successful career as a professional actor. I spent 17 years on the Screen Actors Guild Governing Board, and served as SAG’s first African American 1st vice president in the guilds 88 year history. I was honored with the SAG Ralph Morgan Award, was named Silver Lake Woman Of The Year 2016, and was awarded the 2016 Rosa Parks Trail Blazer Award from the legendary civil rights organization, The Souther Christian Leadership Coalition.


I’ve been a renter, a landlord and a home owner, all in Silver Lake. Before becoming a professional actor, I worked in local Silver Lake restaurants and once managed a small plant nursery (the old Oxygen Nursery on Effie Ave). I’ve chosen to continue to live in this great neighborhood with my husband and we love it. I’ve made a point to support Silver Lake businesses and to ac-tively give back to the neighborhood which provided me with a safe, diverse, fun childhood and continues to provide me with a very comfortable way of life.


I’ve been extremely fortunate in my life and career due to the supportive, unconditional love of my parents, my husband, and the healthy atmosphere in which I was raised. From the schools to the playgrounds, my upbringing in Silver Lake was wonderful. If we work together, we can ensure that the viability, safety and quality-of-life for those who live, work and visit Silver Lake can remain a constant way of life.


I am a Silver Lake native through and through, which is why I’m running, once again, for a seat on the Neighborhood Council. I’ve been your At-Large representative since 2011 and would love the opportunity to continue my participation and dedication in helping Silver Lake keep its charm and unique qualities as it evolves and improves.


I need your support!



Please Re-Elect Anne-Marie Johnson for SLNC At-Large Representative.


Polls open at 12:00pm on Saturday, April 6, 2019.

St. Francis Of Assisi Church

1523 Golden Gate Ave. L.A. Ca 90026


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