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Main Issues

Residential Street Safety and Traffic Concerns

The Rowena Road Diet has been a part of Silver Lake since 2013. After years of listening to residents with various points of view, reversing Rowena to what it once was won’t make it safer. That said, I’ll work hard to ensure that the community has a say in the implementation of reasonable measures to make Rowena a safer street for ALL, and by calming congestion on  surrounding residential streets. NO more decisions will be made behind closed doors.


I was honored to be a member of the Rowena Road Diet Work Group under the guidance of CD4’s Councilmember David Ryu. The work group followed an exhaustive process of gathering information, talking with experts, and interviewing companies who specialize in traffic analysis.


The result of our work is the Kimley-Horn Rowena Road Diet Study. The results of the study are currently under review by the Department of Transportation. Once the public comment period had ended, a report from the DOT will be presented to the Los Angeles City Council. I will support reasonable and cost effective measures, that if implemented, will make Rowena Ave. a safer, smoother moving, and pedestrian/cyclist friendly street.



Homelessness In Silver Lake:

As we all know, there has been a dramatic uptick in the homeless population in Silver Lake. Since spring 2016, the SLNC’s Homelessness In Silver Lake Advisory Committee has done incredible work creating projects and events to help educate the community about homelessness, and provide assistance and supplies to those who are homeless in Silver Lake. In 2017, the SLNC’s Homelessness In Silver Lake  Advisory Committee partnered with fellow NC’s in creating S.E.L.A.H., an organization dedicated in facing the epidemic of homelessness head on.  As an At-Large Representative, I will make sure the SLNC work closely with Councilman Ryu and O’Farrell to ensure Silver Lake receives appropriate funding to assist those without a clean and safe roof over their heads.



Small Lot Subdivisions:

As a voting member of the SLNC Urban Design and Preservation Advisory Committee, I have voted NO on 99% of the small lot projects and large out-of-scale developments brought to the committee for approval. These developments have scarred our neighborhood, made it impossible to afford, decimated the single family dwelling pool, and made the desire of living in Silver Lake unattainable. These new units are typically cookie cutter versions of West L.A. developments, void of any of the charm and uniqueness of Silver Lake. I will continue to vote “No” until our city council representatives really listen to the concerns of Silver Lake, and re-draft small lot subdivision and other counter intuitive building ordinances.


Silver Lake Reservoir:

The iconic reservoirs have been refilled and pipes connected to old water wells will be used to replenish the reservoirs along with the capturing of rain/sewer run-off. Now the New Master Plan has begun and it will be the goal and the responsibility of the SLNC to ensure that residents and stake-holders of Silver Lake will be part of all decisions regarding the future of the reservoirs. We cannot allow for any decisions impacting the community, be made behind closed doors. The SLNC will hold as many community meetings as possible to share any information in a open and transparent venue, providing the community to receive and respond to information in real time. The future of the Silver Lake Reservoir Complex is in our hands. Let’s not drop the ball.


Silver Lake Wildlife:

It goes without saying how lovely it is to finally see the return of the Blue Heron. And since the refilling of the reservoir, we have seen fewer coyotes making their homes in the backyards of our homes. It just wouldn’t be Sil-ver Lake with a flourishing wildlife population. It’s imperative the New Master Plan places a priority on the respect and protection of the the reservoir wildlife, and their environment.


Residential Parking:

Most restaurants in Silver Lake are not required to provide adequate on-site parking for their patrons and employees. So, where do these people park? On our residential streets, taking away needed parking spaces for residents. For those who don’t have usable garages or driveways, many are forced to park blocks from their residents, negatively impacting their quality of life. I am a strong advocate for Preferential Parking districts and will continue to work with residents desirous of restricted parking permits on residential streets.




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