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Anne-Marie Johnson

Voting Record - Events - Motions

I’ve been elected SLNC board  co-chair 3 terms.

I attended and co-chaired 33 out of 36 Governing Board Meetings.

I’ve never abstained on a vote.


Motions: 2016


8.1. MOTION (Johnson/Millar): Move that  SLNC send the attached letter to the Gov-ernor of MS urging him to rescind HB 1523 the AntiLGBT law. (Approved)

8.2. MOTION (Johnson/Millar):Move that the SLNC supports reform of the Los Angeles Dept. of Water and Power as adopted by the DWP NC Memorandum of Under-standing (MOU) Oversight Committee and the Community Impact Statement (CIS). (Approved)

9.2. MOTION: (Johnson/Peppey):Move that the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council’s Governing Board or its designee, be the official authority, in partnership with appropriate city agencies, and create an AdHoc Committee to oversee the maintenance, improvements and/or future design of Silver Lake’s Triangle Plaza. (Approved)



10.2. MOTION (Johnson):The Maker moves that: a) A new Standing Rule #53, reflect the following: The Region 7 SLNC Representatives serve as CoChairs of the Reservoir Committee and

b)The name of the “Reservoir Complex Committee” shall be changed to the “Silver Lake Reservoir Committee.”(Approved)


June Special:

4.1. MOTION (Johnson):Move the SLNC adopt revised SLNC Standing Rule #10, regarding the location for SLNC regularly scheduled Governing Board meetings.(Approved)

7.2. MOTION (Johnson):Move that the SLNC Governing Board appoint a Silver Lake stakeholder to serve as the Board’s Liaison to Homeless Concerns. (Approved)



7.2. MOTION (Johnson):Move that the SLNC Governing Board appoint a Silver Lake stakeholder to serve as the Board’s Liaison to Homeless Concerns.(Approved)

8.1. MOTION (Johnson/Courshon):Move that the SLNC Governing Board send a letter of support to appropriate city agencies in support of a lease renewal for Hilltop Nursery School.(Approved)

8.5. MOTION (Johnson): Move that the SLNC rename its Homeless Coalition to the Homelessness in Silver Lake Advisory Committee (HISLAC), a standing committee.(Approved)

9.3. MOTION (Johnson): Move that the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council Governing Board send a letter to the LAPD Police Commission Board and any other city or state agency responsible for granting permits/licenses dealing with onsite liquor sales and live entertainment, requesting the Cafe Entertainment Permit request from Tenants Of the Trees/ Out Of Order Bars not be granted. (Approved)



8.2. MOTION (Johnson): New Language for Standing Rule #44 regarding CIS drafters (clarification on June 15th Agenda Item 4.2)(Approved)

8.3. MOTION (Johnson): Additional language to Standing Rule #12 regarding clarification of actionable items on all agenda forms.(Approved)



9.8.  Motion (Johnson):  To authorize up to $150.00 for copies of the Gas Leaf Blower Bilingual Informational Flyer.(Approved)



8.4. (Johnson/Courshon): The Silver Lake Neighborhood Council supports the Los Angeles Department Of Water and Power’s plan to refill the Reservoirs and paint the banks if warranted. (Approved)




9.3. (Johnson/Plante) Resolution to re-affirm, based on L.A. City Charter, working relationship between NC’s, and other city agencies/departments.(Approved)

9.4. (Johnson/Plante) Letter in response to BONC’s Policy Regarding Youth Participation in NC’s. (Approved)

9.5.(Johnson/Courshon) Combining Transportation Committee with Public Safety Committee. (Approved)



9.1 (Isroelit & Johnson) Approval of new SLNC Office space. (Approved)

9.2 (Isroelit & Johnson) Funding up to $800.00 to purchase secure file cabinet and supplies for new SLNC office.(Approved)

 9.3(Isroelit & Johnson) Funding up to $700.00 for Words Could Hurt series.(Approved)



9.6.(Johnson/Ruben) Suspend Education, Youth and Families Committee and re-establish Silver Lake Youth Committee. (Approved)


9.3. (Johnson/Plante) Request a MOA with LADWP/BOE/BOS regarding Silver Lake Reservoir Water Capture Project. (Approved)




9.3 (Johnson) Require the LADWP and Bureau of Engineering to revise 2/23/18 MOA to specifically include the SLNC.(Approved)


9.11 (Johnson/Plante) Use The Silver Lake Recreation Center as the physical agenda posting location.(Approved)



9.5 (Johnson) Move to dissolve the SLNC Friends Of Animals Committee and transfer this committees purpose to the Silver Lake Reservoir Committee and/or the SLNC An-imal Liaison. (Approved)


9.11 (Johnson) Submit a Community Impact Statement not in support of SB 827 re: loosening or eliminating certain building restrictions.(Approved)



6.4.(Plante & Johnson) Appointment of a Board Liaison to the Bureau of Engineering for the duration of the SLRC Master Plan. (Approved)

10.2 (Johnson) Request a specific Memorandum of Understanding between the SLNC and the Bureau of Engineering re the Silver Lake Reservoir Complex.(Approved)



7.1.(Johnson) DONE suggested revised language for previously board approved amendment to Art. V, sec 8 Censure. (Approved)

9.8. (Isroelit/Johnson) To fund up to $800.00 for additional “Slow Down Silver Lake” yard signs. (Approved)



10.8.(Johnson) Motion to Reconsider 7/11 Board agenda motion item 9.8 re:”Slow Down SL” yard signs per Art VIII sec 4.(Approved)


 10.9.(Johnson) Move to remove the word “equitable” from 7/11 Board agenda motion item 9.8.(Approved)



8..(Johnson/Plante) Recommend that SLNC spend up to $350.00 to support Assemblymember Laura Friedman’s Connect Day on October 10, 2018 to help cost of food vendor. (Approved)


Events, Projects, and Campaigns:


No Gas Leaf Blower Campaign


Slow Down Silver Lake Yard Sign Campaign (in partnership with Betsy Isroelit, Tony Michaelis and the SLNC Outreach and Transportation and Neighborhood Safety committees)


Words Can Help….And Hurt: Series of Conversations (in partnership with Betsy Isroelit, the SLNC Outreach Committee, and the Silver Lake Library)


Los Feliz Ledger Messages From SLNC Co-Chair (edited by Betsy Isroelit)


2018 Revised SLNC Bylaws and Standing Rules (in partnership with former committee co-chair Lee Sherman, and the SLNC Bylaws and Standing Rules Commit-tee)






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