Vote In-Person on Election Day April 6, 2019
12:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.


St. Francis of Assisi
1523 Golden Gate Ave.
Los Angeles, CA  90026





Anne-Marie Johnson

Silver Lake Together
serving                                                                                                                    together to help make our community better

Please vote for my entire team of dedicated Silver Lake Together candidates.

You can vote for a total of 9 candidates; your two Regional representatives and all seven At-Large candidates.

Please visit for more slate information.



The Silver Lake Together Candidates At-Large

Anne-Marie Johnson

Cameron Bard

Darias Derakshan

Nora Goudsmit

Liza Temple

Tony Michaelis

Scott Plante


  • Region 1. Doug Loewy, Samantha Danner
  • Region 2. Barbara Ringuette, Douglas Reed
  • Region 3. Anthony Crump
  • Region 4.  Jennifer Dibs
  • Region 5. Bob Lisauskas, David Valdez
  • Region 6. Betsy Isroelit, Taryn Poole
  • Region 7.  Janis Purins, Michael Masterson



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